Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hello I am the 'The 355' welcome to this blog! this a group of blogs of stories on one of my favorite topics in the whole world! Post Apocalyptic world Dystopian and Utopian fiction, as you can see from my other Blog the 355 I have been unable to update for a while as I go through the process of editing. If I do not update in a few months then please please feel free to comment! Even if I do not update does not mean I do not check my blogs! i will keep you up dated in my story. I might after a while do what I did with the 355 and spend a month and just write the novel then edit and post when I'm done or I'll just write a chapter edit and post. Secondly keep in mind I am a high school student who is in her second half of the term with Finals coming up so my school work comes FIRST!!!!!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!