Sunday, May 2, 2010


The man sat in the lab some where in the Arctic circle bent over a set of beakers were he suddenly stood holding the beaker in front of him in awe. "AHA!" he cried in joy before setting the small glass tube down and practically ran to the door and swung it open. "CLARA! I did it! I di…" he stopped short.

A group of men walked in holding his dear daughter Clara gagged and a pistol to her temple. "Who are?" the man asked the armed guards.

"Move," came the command from the depths of the crowd which parted and a man with a jagged scar running down his face appeared.

"You," the scientist said in shock slowly backing away till he hit the table and his hands reached for the beaker. "You'll never get it!" he said his voice shacking.

"Yes you will give it to me," the man with the scar demanded.

"No," the man said holding the beaker tighter.

"Fine you fool of a old man, kill her," he nodded to the guard holding Clara.

"No!" The man cried as a bullet was fired into Clara's head killing her instantly and sending a fine red mist in the air. "Clara!" he sobbed looking at her prone body with an eternal shocked expression on her face. "You'll never get it!" he let the beaker fall to the ground as he pulled out a gun just as one of the guards shot him in the chest. He looked down at his chest in shock and fell over, his face calm with a ghost of a smile on his lips.

The man with the scar didn't give the man a second look but rather at the shattered remains of the beaker, the liquid bubbled and suddenly began to expand. "Get out of here you fools!" he shouted rushing to the door.

Out side he watched from the helicopter as water poured out of the laboratory and turned to gas creating angry storm clouds. He turned away as the helicopter flew off into the distance, his mission had failed and what would come next he had no idea.